Class -  Thesis 1

softwares used :
Adobe Indesign
Image archive (internet)

Risograph Printer
Laser printer (backpages)

256 Booklet  is a reprenstaion of my image archive, its like that junk in your gallery which you can't seem to throw away," is like sharing my heart with three special booklets: Love (red) ,Life (blue)  and Labels (dark green) . Each booklet tells you about me and what I really care about. The pictures turn into postcards, making it all feel real and personal. I used a special way of printing called risograph to give each part its own color. It's not just about how it looks; it's about how it makes me feel. This project is all about my love for life and the little things that matter. These booklets are like sharing a piece of who I am, inviting you to feel and think about the simple, happy moments that make me, well, me.