Through the windows
Class -  Senior Thesis 

Imagine windows as quiet storytellers, witnessing the stories of our lives–the ordinary and the extraordinary. Through the windows unfolds into various mediums that lead the viewer into the emotions hidden behind every glance through the glass. 

The three chapter hardcover book, contains prompts and reflections written in a poetic prose for the viewer to reflect on their experiences.The first chapter, "Reflecting Within," prompts readers to ponder the present, while "Shadows of Yesterday," focuses on the past self and "One Frame Forward" allows the reader to consider the future Each chapter poses thought-provoking questions related to personal experiences and perspectives.Complementing the book are "Through Your Window", a set of interactive response cards where I asked people from all over the world to send me a picture of their window that they really liked and why, bound with ring grommet eyelets, it is easy to rotate and the acetate cards lets the  light reflect through it 

"Through My Window" unfolds like an accordion book, capturing every hour of the day through photos taken from my window from one spot. It's like a snapshot of time, showing how the view remains the same but the stories change. Then there is "Gaze," a magazine, with its first issue about the homes you see through your window. It's like finding a piece of home in someone else's view.This project is about shared experiences. Through the windows invites the viewer to connect, to feel the nostalgia, curiosity, and connection that windows hold.